Sunday, May 20

Visual Studio Must have tools & blog roll

If you are in ASP.NET development you are sure to stumble upon Scott Hanselman, the author of Professional ASP.NET 2.0. Recently I have started reading his blog reliously. Here is his list of tools and VS 2005 addins that are a must have and not to be missed.

Scott Hanselman's list of power tools

He has a important take on blogging. He rightfully contends that you will have returning audience only if your blog content is well formatted/indented and easy on the eyes.

I have started using the CopySourceAsHtml VS2005 plugin to do code blog posts. As you can see, I need to clean up old code posts on this blog and use the tool above to have the posts easy on the eyes.

I also like Jeff Atwood's writing, he says make it a habit to blog atleast once a week and make a commitement, since interpersonal and communication skills are so important and needs to honed with time. He writes on human factors in software development.

You can't miss Joel Spolsky author of the blog Joel on Software. His books are hilarious and fun to read.

I listen to Craig Shoemaker as often as I can. His show/blog is essential for every developer. He has the knack to explain beautifully the why/how/where approach for a solution.
Most podcasts/screencasts assume you know about things, while he explains things from the ground up.

One cannot miss the blog of the ASP.Net guru Scott Guthrie for ASP.Net tricks, tips, hacks, patches and advice.

I like to read blog by Jean Paul Boodhoo for knowledge about Test Driven Development and pattern based development.

I also sometimes refer to Scott Mitchel's blog. Scott, is a ASP.NET guru and consultant. He has an excellent series on "Working with Data in ASP.NET 2.0".

I will be editing this list this week, it is no way near completion.

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