Friday, June 1

IIS User

It might be a 101 but this week it struck me that the user under which IIS runs differs in WinXP and Win 2003. I was always under the impression that IIS runs under the local aspnet account (hostname\ASPNET).

Well, it turns out that it runs under ASPNET in XP (which most developers have) but runs under "Network Service" in Win 2003 which most servers have. I was setting an old website for maintainance purposes and the IIS user needed write permission to a certain folder (for ActiveReports PDFs to be written) .

Cassini, the internal web server for VS 2005 seemed to have access to that folder fine. I then setup a virtual dir for this project on my local IIS and gave ASPNET user write access and it worked. It took me a while to realise that under Win 2003, IIS runs under "Network Service".

Anyways, here is an article about it.

How To: Use the Network Service Account to Access Resources in ASP.NET

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